Life is either an incredible adventure or it's nothing at all.....

Born: Christchurch   New Zealand

Profession; Film maker
                    Freelance still photographer for 24 yrs.


Other skills: Radio / electronic, (I hold two grades of radio licence)
                      Can edit to a reasonable standard.
                      Can also operate satellite transmitting equipment
                      24 yrs experience in off-road-driving / 4WD vehicles
                      Holder of  Heavy truck and trailer licences, 22 years
                      24 years mountaineering experience
                      24 years caving experience
                      Skilled in all kinds of vertical rope techniques
                      First Aid certificates


Interests: Volcanology
                    Severe weather
                    Cycling / Mountain-biking, Long distance running, triathlons, martial arts


Equipment: Panasonic AJ-D800 DVC Pro digital camera (PAL)
                     Fujinon A15+8BEVM-28 lens
                     Fujinon Fisheye lens
                     DVC Pro LT75 portable laptop editor
                     Honda generator
                     Satellite phone (Nera World Communicator 64kbps)

                     Iridium portable satellite phone
                     2 Miller Tripods (Deluxe & lightweight)
                     Pag Battery system, 9 batteries and 3 chargers
                     2 Pag sunguns
                     Sennheiser Radio mic set
                     Sennheiser K6 mic
                          2 Panasonic MX-300A  3 chip mini DV cameras (PAL)
                     4 Yaesu programmable VHF / UHF two way radios
                     Extensive range of Mountaineering / caving equipment and
                     rope,etc for filming in a vertical environment.
                     Wetsuit / lifejackets / GPS
                     Certified Harnesses etc for helicopter filming operations
                     Other safety equipment, water filters, insect nets, etc for
                     tropical countries, gas masks / heat suits for volcanoes etc.
                     Extensive stock of maps of New Zealand and worldwide
                     2004 MAN 4WD truck based in New Zealand

                     1983 MAN 4WD truck based in Australia

 Since 1980 I have been a freelance  photographer and specialized in filming breaking news.
 Constantly first at the scene of major fires, crashes, police emergencies, floods, storms etc, I soon made a name for myself for being first with the best photos, these were regularly printed in magazines and newspapers.
In 1990, I started taking a video along to emergencies, this soon attracted the attention of the TV networks, within weeks of this my pictures were leading the evening news bulletins. Since then, I estimate I have shot over 500 lead stories where I have had the best or only pictures of the incident and thousands of other stories that no other TV network  has had. My efforts at getting the best pictures have often meant that I have become part of the story I am covering.
My filming activities in recent years have evolved around my passion for the natural world and in particular, nature in her most violent moods:  erupting volcanoes, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes........the greatest show on earth.  During the last year alone there have been more than 15 programmes and shows done featuring my efforts to "get the best shot" along with more than 40 magazine and newspaper stories. My pictures regularly appear on the world's major television networks. Most recently my own TV series "Dangerman"   was made for the Discovery Channel.

Check out below a few photos of me in "the office"
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