Geoff Mackley's  video / still photo library

Aral Sea - Kazakhstan  **VIDEO** 
Uganda - drought and famine  **VIDEO**

Comet McNaught - New Zealand  **VIDEO** 

Cyclone Ami , Tonga  **VIDEO**
Cyclone Beni , New Caledonia
Cyclone Dani , Vanuatu  **VIDEO**
Cyclone Drena , New Zealand  *VIDEO**
Cyclone Erica , New Caledonia  **VIDEO**
Cyclone Fergus, New Zealand

Cyclone Glenda , Australia  *VIDEO**


Cyclone Heta, Samoa  **VIDEO**


Cyclone Ingrid , Australia  **VIDEO**

Cyclone Inigo , Australia


Cyclone Ita  Queensland  Australia  **NEW**

Cyclone Katrina, Australia


Cyclone Larry , Australia  **VIDEO**


Cyclone Meena, Rarotonga - Cook Islands  **VIDEO**


Cyclone Nicholas , Australia  **VIDEO**


Cyclone Olaf, Samoa


Cyclone Pam, Vanuatu / New Zealand  **VIDEO**   NEW**

Cyclone Paula, Vanuatu  **VIDEO**

Cyclone Terri, Australia  **VIDEO**


Cyclone Wilma, Northland - New Zealand  **VIDEO** 

Cyclone Vance, Australia  **VIDEO**


Cyclone Yasi, Queensland - Australia  **VIDEO**

Cyclone Zoe , Tikopia Island / Soloman Islands  **VIDEO**




Christchurch  earthquake,  New Zealand,  September 2010  -VIDEO 


Christchurch  earthquake,  New Zealand,  February 22  2011   -VIDEO


Gisborne earthquake,  New Zealand,  December 2007


Japan earthquake and tsunami   Honshu - Japan  11 March  2011 VIDEO


Pakistan earthquake, October 2005


Sichuan earthquake, China, May 2008






Buller River in flood, New Zealand


Brisbane floods  Jan 2011 Australia  VIDEO


Coromandel township flood, New Zealand

Deing, Indonesia


Greymouth and Totara Flat flood New Zealand  Nov 2011  VIDEO

Haast , South Westland , New Zealand

Kaikoura township flooded, New Zealand


Nelson and Pohara flooding , New Zealand  Dec 2011 VIDEO


Northland flood  March 2007, New Zealand


Roxburgh Dam spillway, Waitaki River, New Zealand


Switzerlands flood disaster  August 2005


Taneatua flooding , New Zealand  Dec 2011 VIDEO


Taranaki, New Zealand 

Waiau River, North Canterbury, New Zealand

Waikato River, New Zealand


West Coast South Island, Westland, New Zealand  15-16 Jan 3013  VIDEO


West Coast South Island, Fox River, New Zealand


Whakatane and Waihi flooding , New Zealand  May 09 2012






Hurricane Georges - USA


Hurricane Isabel - USA

Hurricane Isidore - Yucatan, Mexico

Hurricane Keith - Yucatan, Mexico / Belize

Hurricane Kenna - Mexico


Hurricane Rita - USA 



Christchurch, New Zealand



 Lightning photo gallery



Raurimu, New Zealand


Ruapehu crater lake lahar, March 18 2007, New Zealand


Superyphoon Durian / Mayon Volcano, Philippines 



Christchurch , New Zealand


Christchurch , New Zealand BIG snow Aug 15 2011  VIDEO


Central North Island , New Zealand 


Central North Island , New Zealand  July 2011  VIDEO 


Arthurs Pass and Cragieburn  South Island , New Zealand  July 2011  VIDEO 

Porters Pass, New Zealand


Trip to Oymyakon, Siberia 2004  - the worlds coldest place


Oymyakon Expedition - Siberia   2014


Porters Pass and Lees Valley, New Zealand


Arthurs Pass  South Island , New Zealand  June 2012  VIDEO 



May 3 - 99,Oklahoma tornado damage

Maxwell, Nebraska tornado damage

Seward, Nebraska tornado

Supercell in Kansas


2003 Tornado chase


2004 Tornado chase


Joplin Tornado aftermath  2011  VIDEO 





Banda Aceh - Indonesia Dec 26  2004


Japan earthquake and tsunami   Honshu - Japan  11 March  2011


Phuket - Thailand Dec 26  2004 






Supertyphoon Bilis, Taiwan

Supertyphoon Chataan , Japan


Typhoon Dujuan , Taiwan


Superyphoon Durian , Philippines


Supertyphoon Hagupit, Hong Kong


Supertyphoon Haitang , Taiwan

Supertyphoon Halong , Okinawa - Japan


Supertyphoon Imbudo, China


Typhoon Khanun,  Taiwan 


Typhoon Krosa,  Taiwan


Typhoon Maemi, South Korea


Typhoon Megi,  Philippines  VIDEO


Typhoon Nabi, Okinawa - Japan 


Typhoon Sepat,  Taiwan


Typhoon Sinlaku,  Taiwan


Typhoon Talim, Taiwan 

Typhoon Utor,  Hong Kong


Typhoon Utor,  Philippines




Ambrym - Benbow Volcano - Vanuatu

Ambrym - Marum Volcano - Vanuatu  2004 Expedition  VIDEO


Ambrym - Marum Volcano - Vanuatu  2009 Expedition - VIDEO


Ambrym - Marum Volcano - Vanuatu  2010 Expedition  VIDEO 


Ambrym - Marum Volcano - Vanuatu  Xmas 2014  Expedition  VIDEO 


Ambrym - Marum Volcano - Vanuatu  September  2016 Expedition  VIDEO 

Arenal - Costa Rica


Batu Tara Volcano  Flores  Indonesia


Benbow  Ambrym   Vanuatu


Bromo  Java  Indonesia

Colima - Mexico

Cotopaxi - Ecuador

Dominica - West Indies


Dukono, Helmahera, Indonesia 


Erta Ale - Ethiopia / Africa   2004 expedition


Erta Ale - Ethiopia / Africa  Sept  2014

Etna - Italy


Fuego - Guatemala  **NEW**

Gaua - Vanuatu

Guagua Pichincha - Ecuador

Illiniza - Ecuador

Karymsky - Kamchatka, Russia

Kawah Ijen - Indonesia


Kawah Ijen  Java  Indonesia  Aug 2014   **NEW**

Kilauea - Hawaii 


Kilauea - Hawaii  2013 trip 

Krakatau - Indonesia

Lokon - North Sulawesi - Indonesia

Lopevi  - Vanuatu

Mahawu - North Sulawesi - Indonesia

Mayon - Phillipines  2009

Merapi - Indonesia

Montserrat - West Indies

Ngauruhoe - New Zealand


Nyiragongo  DRC Congo  Africa    **NEW** 


Pacaya -  Guatemala    **NEW** 

Pelee - Martinique

Popocatepetl - Mexico

Quilotoa - Ecuador

Raoul Island -1000km north of New Zealand

Ruapehu - New Zealand

Semeru - Indonesia

Stromboli - Italy


Surabaya mud volcano, Surabaya Indonesia  **NEW**

Taal - Phillipines

Taranaki / Egmont - New Zealand

Tungurahua - Ecuador

Usu - Japan

Vesuvius - Italy

White Island - New Zealand


White Island - New Zealand   Jan 2013   **VIDEO**

Yasur - Vanuatu 2009


Yasur - Vanuatu 2012



Emergencies / Rescues / Other


Printable list of video library

Still photos and video...most shot on Broadcast camera , (Beta SP or DVC Pro 800) are avaliable.
There are more than 20 000 dramatic still photos of every type of emergency avaliable...spanning nearly 20 if it is not mentioned here ...just ask. Due to the nature of emergency / rescue photography  some of the vision is very graphic.Images of dead bodies and / or similar things will not be avaliable or posted on this website.

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