14 November 1999 - Strombolian activity at Mt Etna's
Bocca Nuova crater. 

A selection of photographs from volcanoes I have visited
Some of my best volcano photographs
Preliminary notices of volcanic activity
The best website for rapid updates on worldwide volcanic activity
Societe Volcanogique Europeenne
Swiss Volcano Alert site with timely eruption updates
Volcano world current activity updates
Another site with eruption updates
Worldwide volcano database
Lists every volcano in the world with photos and text
Space Science and Engineering Centre
Monitoring of the worlds 10 most active volcanoes
Washington Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre
Satellite monitoring and warnings of eruptions , worldwide
A comprensive site with extensive listings of other volcano related sites

Individual Volcano / Country Websites

Mt Etna / Sicily-Italy
Boris Behncke's very informative Mt Etna Website
Alaska Volcano Observatory
Montiors volcanoes in Alaska and the Kamchatka Penninsula
Hawaii Volcano Observatory
Indonesian Volcano Website
Japan's Volcano Observatory
Mayon Volcano Observatory
 Merapi Volcano Observatory
Montserrat Volcano Observatory
Popocatepetl Website
Reunion Island Website
Usu Volcano Observatory

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