Unfair dealings with Media Organizations 

This is a new addition to my website where I aim to name and shame those large media organizations who should know better and behave better,  they have the incredible bare faced cheek to sit in the comfort of their office and surf the internet with impunity, stealing by the way of illegal downloading, other peoples footage, often shot at great cost and risk by freelance camera people, and re using it on their own websites or broadcasting on television such footage without asking, without even crediting the person they have stolen the footage from. Then when these people are challenged they hide behind a blizzard of legal letters mentioning such things as "fair dealing" , "in the public domain" "we only stole a small amount" "We removed it when you complained" These morons usually have vast copyright information of their own on their respective websites threatening fire and brimstone against any "violators" but think nothing of the rampant theft of other peoples work.

Well,  I ve had enough and below you will see details of those who steal my material,  like

John Seach / Volcanolive.com 

has dozens of my images on his site and is ignoring all e mails asking that the images be removed immediately,   guess he hasnt read his own copyright speil :


On this copyright page all 4 images are mine,  what a bloody cheek.

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  illegal downloads off You Tube    theft of intellectual property "fair dealing"  "in the public domain'  John Seach  Volcanolive.com  at her workplace 21 Sept 1999


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